A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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GOF in Wagga Wagga

Loz Scott reports: We had 7 Magnettes in attendance; 6 of which stayed at the prime roost of the Park View Motel in Wagga Wagga. 

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European Event of the Year 2018

Barrie and Sheila Hope attended the European Event of the Year in Switzerland, and wrote this report:
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Harrogate MG Club show, 11-12th August 2018

Once again the Register was invited to the Harrogate MG Club show weekend at Pateley Bridge.

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Z Magnette Day

Since 22 years Magnette owners meet on the last weekend of June somewhere in Germany or close countries. This year 16 teams assembled in the area of the picturesque Sauerland in the western part of Germany. They came from England, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany.

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MGLive 2-3 July 2018

There was a good Magnette attendance at Silverstone for MGLive 2018, and unusually fine weather as well. The Register had its own marquee, in a new layout being used for the first time, which attracted interested visitors as well as providing a meeting point for Magnette regulars. Our theme was 60 years since the end of Z production, so two late 1958 cars were displayed

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Stanford Hall 27th May

The name of the event was a slight misnomer – scheduled for organisers with a small number of cars and we expected pre-war Austin 7s and Sunbeams pre Rootes group takeover, none of which appeared.