2nd November 2013

Christoph Gudenus sent a picture of  the MGOC

Austria Club Championship. His Magnette is leading the pack.

And Stephen gell with his # 5911 is new on the gallery.









31st October 2013

Ray Andruk sent me a picture of his Magnette with a halloween costume. Looks to me like the face of Thomas the tank engine and I wonder how fast the temperature will raise. Magnettic halloween....

29th October 2013

Brian Pollard sent a nice article from Classic&Sportscar.

13th October 2013

The former Register historien sent me this picture showing Jorn Rasmussen with his ZBV helping Warren Marsh (MGA), whose car sufferd a failed cut-out whilst on a holiday tour of Denmark in July 2013.

11th October 2013

Today I've added another brochure to the books section (see bottom) and we welcome David Norris with his MAGNETTE #10311 on the gallery.
And if you don't know what to do, have a look here: Reawakening an MG

27th September 2013

Kent Edlund spotted # 23080 on the web, which is now on our gallery. Who is the owner?

22nd September 2013

It's time to upload some pictures to our gallery, which have been sleeping in my mailbox during the summer. So we have a larger update with some MAGNETTEs, amoung them the first car in Argentina, but also otherwise a very interational update! So, here we go:

# 13935 owned by Keith Minister
# 19200 is now David Thomas' pride.
# 20557 belonging to Andrew Coster
# 22905 belonging to James ´Dean (no not that guy in the Porsche!)
# 25323 is Pete Mantell's fun driver in the USA
# 25558 owned by Roy Callcut
# 30217 is owned by Rodger Shaver in the Us. The car has a nice history.
# 31655 runs in Sri Lanka, owned by Dr. Ismail.
# unknown is the first car in Argentina, we are aware of, restored by Edison Ulises Tato
And finally another picture in our wedding gallery, sent by Jörn Rasmussen from  Denmark

See them all here...

A BIG Thank You all, for sending the pictures and enjoy our site!