11th November 2013

Loz Scott sent a report nd pictures of the Magnette60 celebrations in Australia of the MGCCSA...

And please notice, that Lou Shorten has a new email address. It's "mgzmagnettelou (at) btinternet (dot) com". (Delete spaces and replace wirth @ and .)

5th November 2013

More cars added to the gallery. Please welcome Alan Sheldon from Queensland/Australia and Juan Lopez-Garriga from Barcelona/Spain.

2nd November 2013

Christoph Gudenus sent a picture of  the MGOC

Austria Club Championship. His Magnette is leading the pack.

And Stephen gell with his # 5911 is new on the gallery.









31st October 2013

Ray Andruk sent me a picture of his Magnette with a halloween costume. Looks to me like the face of Thomas the tank engine and I wonder how fast the temperature will raise. Magnettic halloween....

29th October 2013

Brian Pollard sent a nice article from Classic&Sportscar.

13th October 2013

The former Register historien sent me this picture showing Jorn Rasmussen with his ZBV helping Warren Marsh (MGA), whose car sufferd a failed cut-out whilst on a holiday tour of Denmark in July 2013.

11th October 2013

Today I've added another brochure to the books section (see bottom) and we welcome David Norris with his MAGNETTE #10311 on the gallery.
And if you don't know what to do, have a look here: Reawakening an MG