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KA D 43 13381
I pulled this ugly apple green ZA out of a barn in Indiana, entered it in a car show the next day (won 1st in class) & have enjoyed working out the mechanical bugs prior to respray to original colour.
Toni Barnhill


KA C 43 20737
Ebay 10/2005: The story I got when I bought this Magnette at auction was that it had belonged to a U.S. Airforce officer stationed in England and he brought it back with him.It's a left hand drive. I hope someone can use it at least for parts I cant stand to see any old or historic car go to the crusher


To me it looks like an American car

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA E 43 13540
Veteran British marque collectors (Metropolitan, Morris, MG, Singer), Neal and Kathy Yates of New Hartford, CT recently acquired this 1956 ZA and declare, "it's a keeper!"


KA B 43 21003
Kim from the USA bought this car from Terry Trovato of Natchez, Mississippi in August 2000 and had it shipped to Lynn, Massachusetts. Terry had the car from 1994 to 2000. He had bought it from the person who had restored it and had it shipped from Colorado. It is believed that the car was originally imported to Canada.


KA PC 43 21130
This car belongs to Samuel Rinaldi.


KA A 13 13688
Steve Wagoner's Magnette is a home market (RHD) car and in very solid shape with a nice interior. It hasn't been run in around 15 years. It was brought over here 15 years ago by the previous owner and then he got involved in a divorce- the car sat until he purchased it 3 years ago.  It still has its original
registration YPL416.


KA B 43 27911
One of six Magnettes on a scrapyard in Arizona that were to be crushed at the end of July 2004


KA A 43 4843
This car was owned until mib 2010 by the first owner. Read the story....


KA L 43 27948

Michael Mitchell in California owns this car.


KA A 43 4994
'55 ZA rusting away in Loch Sheldrake N.Y.


KA LD 43 21251
A restoration project found on ebay September 2002. Meanwhile belonging to Tony Barnhill. It's a '57 RHD Varitone that will be restored with wire wheel setup.


KA LA 43 21266
Purchased on eBay 12/2003 with high hopes for restoration
Scott Everett, New York, USA


KA LA 43 21271
Aquired from California owner, reported stored for 20 years by a prev. owner. Now in progress of restoration


KA T 43 28106
Seen on ebay in 12/2006


KA _ __ 5327
1955 ZA (veritoned) with Tin Top dash Owner - Paul and Stephie Rollins, Vancouver Washington, USA
Car has led a hard life, but is still very solid, and Paul will slowly bring it around as he's had another ZBV in the past.
Update: Installed MGB, 5-main, 1800 cc engine; Datsun 280ZX five-speed; 4.3:1 diff. Car is now a fabulous highway cruiser -- 70 mph is a breeze.


KA L 43 28126
ebay 05/2005


KA BJ 43 21386
This picture shows my Grandfather with the ZBV Magnette in 1967, for an unknown reason he painted the whole car black. It has been in dry storage since the mid 70's and I am proud to begin the process of returning her not only to driving status but giving her back her original Birch over Twilight Grey exterior with Maroon interior.
Bill Leese, IL.


KA E 43 1341
'54 ZA rusting away in Loch Sheldrake N.Y.


KA TA 43 21686

The previous owner named the car Daphne. 


KA C 43 14303
One of three Magnettes on a junk yard in New Jersey, USA, found by Pete Wilson.


The car seems to have centre lock wheels! This car must be lknown to others!

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA E 44 1468
Engine replaced with later MGB 1.8L 4 speed/OD
Mark Gilliland, CA, SA


KA P C 43 21844
Seen on ebay in 03/2006: a rare manumatic car!


USA KA D 43 14464
Was on ebay in July 2002. It was then located in Washington, Missouri. .Last owner had this car for 40 years. Was adopted by George Phelps and is now being restored in Arlington, VA. Now in the hands of Glenn Johnson, Brooks, Fayette, Ga


Unites States of America KA B 43 14688
I bought it three years ago in boxes - two previous owners had disassembled it and done some body work and applied an incorrect Varitone paint scheme. I assembled enough to get it operational and rebuilt the brakes and converted it with the help of the Hints and Tips section to negative ground and an alternator. I have to build a complete interior for it and I want to add a Hi-Gear 5 speed kit. My son and I are having a lot of fun with it now.

Since I registered my Magnette, I have completed building the 3-Main 1800 with a Derrington pattern cross-flow head and instlled the Hi-Gear Ford T9 transmission with an MGB 3.91 differential and added disk brakes. Recently, I was able to attend MG2016 at Louisville, KY US and park my Magnette in a group of 14 other Mangettes 

John D Perkins


    Where does this no. plate come from? Which country is it? She also has club badges on the grille.

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


KA J 43 6537
"Ziggy" belongs to Rich Mooers in the USA on Long Island/New York City. This picture was taken at the Limerock Vintage Festival 2001. The car was adopted from Mike Sarvas, who has the largst collection of MG models in the world.


KA J 43 6836
One of six Magnettes on a scrapyard in Arizona that were to be crushed at the end of July 2004


KA T 43 28690

Laid in a chicken coup for 40 years, 1800 3 main bearing, 3:9:1 differential
Phil Rossi



KA J 43 6990

Ken Beisser purchased her in 2010


KA C 43 15026

Restored by Doug Foster and now owned by Robert Freitas in San Lorenzo, California


KA J 43 22300
Bought off E-Bay. Came from West Virginia. Runs, and drives, but rusty.
Rob Meier, Ohio, USA


KATE 43/22809 On Oct. 12 2012, my daughter Laura and groom Hugh Wagner were married at Rayne United Methodist Church, New Orleans, LA USA. My 1957 ZBV was an essential requirement for Laura, to carry her to Race & Religious reception area, not far from the church. Bride, groom and ZB were welcomed!

Cliff Hughes


KA L 43 22319
As you can see from the picture this Magnette is pushed so far into the garage it has occupied for the last 28 years. It is my first car, purchased in 1964 as a 1958 model. I could not bear to part with it and now view it as a retirement project. 
Charles Young, Richmond,Virginia,USA


KA C 43 29266
Original, but in poor condition. Near ready for paint. Mechanics are still a question mark.
Jeff Schlemmer, USA


KA A 43 7472
ebay USA 9/2006


KA A 43 22413
We've had this car for forty years and hate to part with it, but must do so. It is in Granby, Connecticut.  It is in tough shape now, having been stored for so long, but I'll bet that engine will still run. The rest may be only good for parts in the long run, but that depends on the eye and skills of the beholder. I hate to part it out, but may do so next month if there is no interest in it. Shudder at the thought- I have many happy memories of this auto.  Richhard Duggan


KA C 43 7558


KA LD 43 22490
Bought car at a Palo Alto Ca. British car show from a man who lived in Sacramento, Ca.
Joel Johnson, CA, USA


KA T 33 22628
Purchased on eBay 12/2003 along with ZB Varitone KALA43 21266. Condition very rough, floors gone, but may help in restoration of the Varitone Scott Everett, New York, USA


 KAL 23 22635

Now owned by Franklin Sprafke in Rhode Island, but in need of full restoration (photo was taken at Abingdon in 1980)


KA LA 43 29545
Purchased in Kelowna, BC by Alistair Bairos; uncertain re prior owners but believe carspent its entire life in
central British Columbia. Now on Hawaii


KA J 43 7760
The remains of a Magnette on Hawaii. Will start a new life as show car with frame and Chevy V8. More...


KA BA 43 22704
Maroon and Black Varitone paint. Was in Colorado in the early 1970s and then stored in a Minnesota barn until July 2006. Needs extensive restoration work. Now belongs to John Gunnell, a car collector, automotive writer, historian and editor.


KA A 43 29734
David F. Darby's ZB at a recent family camping trip. Missouri,USA,


KA TU 13 29787
The photo shows the only RHD ZBV in North America that we can find in front of the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia. The bride and groom wanted to arrive in her instead of the limo which followed with the bridal party.
The car is now in the hands of Randell Kegg, Maryland, USA


KA TE 43 22809
Was until 1970 in first owners hands, then the son took over. But he lost interest. Was on ebay 10/2004. Now in Louisiana.
Won best of show 2010, British Motoring Club New Orleans. Took 2nd place at NAMGAR GT 35 at Lake Delavan, WI. 2010, after restoration by Cliff Hughes


KA E 43 8008
Seen on ebay in 9/2005


KA E 43 3113
Pretty poor but it indicates the current status very well!
Mike Anderson, Nevada, USA


KA A 13 8020

Very original car owned by Steven Trovato.


KA PA 43 22861
A '57 ZB Varitone Magnette for sale in Tucson, Arizona. Apparently it lived in Nogales, Az just across the border from Mexico. Rust in all the right places - not too bad except rockers -  Damaged glove box and upper dash. Rough paint, but is the original (Ivory over black). Interior is rough. 


KA A 43 8062
I just bought it from the second owner, where it was sitting in a southern California driveway for  the last 18 years. No rust, and with a virtually perfect body. The soft parts are completely shot, but the original engine turns (it was supposedly parked for overheating). 99% complete. It is my intention to restore it to completely original, as this was the same year and type that my wife learned to drive as a teenager in the '60's. I do need a few parts and conversation with other ZA-ZB friends... leedavisone@comcast.net. Lee Davis, Albuquerque, New Mexico


KA A 43 22878
This car has been under a prolonged restoration with three past owners running out of time.  It is now owned by Adrian H-Sawyer in Kemptville, Ontario for the next stage of work before being roadworthy once more.


KA B 43 30217
This is a one owner car with just 79,000 original miles. Max Engel and his new bride picked the car up in Abingdon on their honeymoon in 1958. They toured the "continent" for 6 weeks then had the car shipped home to the U.S.A. I purchased the car from the original owner and her son in May 2013. I have been doing a restoration since then, trying to stay as original as possible. The car was re-painted in the original Birch grey before my purchase. I hope to be finished by early next year.
Rodger Shaver


KA TT 43 22988
Named "Geraldine" in honor of her designer. A LHD ZBV originally sold in California, in the hands of David Lively of Sacramento, California from 1983 until 2001; sold to Dewey Davis  of Little Rock Arkansas on 10 December 2001; and to me on 10 June 2002. This car features a 5-main MGB engine,Datsun 280Z 5-speed transmission, and MGB 3.9 rear axle. No longer in its original monotone color scheme, it is now in a correct ivory/autumn red color scheme. Allen Bachelder, New Castle, Virginia, USA.


KA B 43 30223
The 1958 ZB is old english white. Former owner Klaron Grigsby, Ft. Lauderdale.  I also own a 1958 origional (unrestored) 55,000 mile MGA Roadster and have restored a 1964 pull handle MGB.  I am a member of the MG Classics of Jacksonville.
Drew DeCandis, Jacksonville, Florida 32259


KA J 43 16518
Ebay 1/2010: "This car is original unrestored not running it needs complete restoration. The motor is not seized."
Looking at the stripes I guess the car had a hard life


KATE 43 23080

Restoration project of garon Curtis.


KA J 43 30409
Ken Kittleson's ZB


KA D 43 16772
One of six Magnettes on a scrapyard in Arizona that were to be crushed at the end of July 2004


KA A 43 23228
A 1957 ZB. An absolutely rust-free Western car (southern California and Arizona) that was restored with a rebuilt original engine. It has a lower-gear-ratio MGA rear for better highway cruising but it still accelerates nicely.


KA L 43 23244
California car off the road for 18 years. It is in the process of restoration, I hope to sort the mechanicals and get it repainted before too long. I have learned from the website
Rodger Shaver, ID, USA


KA L 43 23247
1957 MG Magnette Street Rod - Mild Custom
Read more....


KA B 43 23266
California Magnette was a light grey, underwent 'restoration' in 70's. Has wires and disks, engine on bench with 1800 head and carbs. Looking for passenger side fender chrome and glove box. Not sure what color it'll be, but not brown or grey ! Lee Brannen,USA



Unites States of America KA L 43 30823
I found this Maggi in a Minneapolis Auto Museum for sale. fortunately I have a niece lthat lives 15 minutes from the location She checked it out & gave it a Big +. I purchased it & it was delivered last Tuesday. I Love it.



KA LA 43 23463
The car spent almost its entire life in southern California but is now here in Florida.  The body is rust and dent-free but the car needs wiring and a clutch to be back on the road.  Lots of compliments from my neighbors who see it in my garage!  Jim Basque


KA BJ 43 23472
I got lucky. In looking for a parts car I came up with one straighter and more complete than my original.  Plan to make one beauty out of the two.   Gene deRuelle Reno, Nevada


  KA BJ 43 23479
This Magnette was last on the road in 1968 and has less than 35000 original miles. It is a Varitone, and I think its a 1957.  I really looking forward to restoring this car to its former glory.
Gene deRuelle, Reno, Nevada


KA FC 13 31005
ebay 01/2008: UNFINISHED RESTORATION DUE TO BEREAVEMENT. The restoration of this car was being completed to a 'usable' concourse standard and regardless of cost. The financial out lay to date is approimately £25,000, with 100’s of man-hours and four years work to get the car to this stage. Every part of it is either brand new or restored. The re-trimmed interior is of high quality soft leather with contrasting piping. New carpets. All wood has been re-veneered. Disc Brake converted. New wire wheels and tyres. The new engine has never been running. All suspension parts and bushes are new. The axle, 'A' arms castings have been painted - flatted - painted etc to remove manufature imperfections.  The body shell has been professionally restored. There is absolutely no body filler. All panel finishing has been done using lead. Just needs paining and re-assembly of the trims. Only a few weeks work left to do. All parts are complete to finish the restoration.


KA T 41 31040
Hank's ZB in Pennsylvania


KA 31067

With Borg Warner T 35 Automatic!


KA PA 43 23864
Current owner Michael Arnold asked the previous owner 20 years ago to sell him this car. Now he bought it.


KA E 13 9313
Built 14- 18 July 1955, sold to first owner 29 July 1955. Has just undergone major rebuild, rewire and respray with current owner Paul Barrow..


KAB 43 18158
This ZA is shown in Palisade, Colorado where it was bought by Carl Goodwin (from Ohio) and more recently, 2020 in Houston where Ray Holtapple purchased the ZA to restore to original, saving it from the last keeper's project of a large V8 engine. According to Carl the car was originally a black-plate California car bought from Kjell Qvale (later suspected of being the infamous Zodiac Killer) by the Pillsbury baking family. It was later sold to their gardener and then to Mimi Willis, who moved from California to Palisade, CO. The car stopped running with 53,640 miles on the odometer and sat for 30 years
Ray Holtzapple, TX, USA


KA BJ 43 23916
This sedan was for sale. Have a look at the website of Marty Ray.This car is now happily owned by Eric Baker of Oakland CA USA


KA BJ 43 23917
It's one of those manumatic Magnettes that haven't been converted-back. Recent barn find, previous owner claimed manumatic worked when parked ;). it has been rolled out of the barn for inspection, usual rust...maybe more, will require much metal fabrication. obvious repaint.
Scott Potter, Texas


KA B 43 18582
Here's a picture of our 1957 ZB.It has had the original engine replaced with a MGA 1500 at some point in its past. Before it adopted us it had been off the road approx. 15 years according to the old registration. We are currently working to turn it into a reliable driver- then we'll start working on the cosmetics. Safety Fast, 
The Woolf Family, Charlotte, NC, USA


 KAA 23 18721

Now owned by Franklin Sprafke in Rhode Island, and fitted with an MGA 1600 engine


KA T 43 31870

Now owned by Richard Farrell


Ebay 01/2008: "It is a parts vehicle, it is beyond restoration. The front grille seems in fairly decent shape. The engine turns over, and looking into the oil fill in the valve cover, the rocker assembly is still shiny. The engine and drive train appear complete and intact. The interior is in very bad condition, as is the frame and anything that was in contact with the ground for many years. The front bumper is inside the car, but is missing all of the chrome."


KA B 43 19078

Rescued from a scrapyard in CA. in 2015 and will be dismantled for parts.


KA L 41 31911
Was for sale on ebay in 12/2004. Now belongs to Allen Bradley, Louisiana.


KA B 43 19082
One of three Magnettes on a junk yard in New Jersey, USA, found by Pete Wilson.


KA L 41 31929
Was for sale on ebay in 11/2002. Now belongs to John Kreimer from Woodstock, GA who will restore her to former glory.


  KA L 43 19129
Seen on ebay 02/2004


KA L 41 31931

5M supercharged 1800. T9 5 speed


KA A 43 19171
This came to me as a parts car, but it has a title, and is mostly complete. It is missing Head radiator, hood, right rear quarter panel, and some chrome trim. Tacoma imports sticker on the cowl, with sales date in 1957. On the rear window it looks like it had a university of Oregon sticker on it. The car had been parked in a barn since 1978 ish. It is the stock color but has been repainted. Tobias Robinson, Oregon, USA


KA A 41 31946

As far as I can tell I am the 3rd owner. I know that the car was originally deliverd to a dealership in Conneticut. 



KA A 41 31962
Named "Nettie" by previous owner, Morry Cohen, of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who sold her to me in 2000. Originally one of perhaps six Manumatic ZBs imported to the US in 1958. Due to her first owner's frustration with this dubious feature, she ended up in a Pennsylvania junkyard circa 1960,remaining for 25 years before being discovered by Jerry Goguen, then owner of Abingdon Spares of Walpole New Hampshire, and the most complete MG Museum in North America in Westminster Vermont. Nettie was cosmetically restored and placed in the museum for another 14 years. She can be seen in an interview with Mr. Goguen in the video "MGs Across America". She was sold when Mr. Goguen began disposing of the museum and ended up in the hands of Mr. Cohen. To this day, she shows only 15,000 miles on her odometer although her original engine and manumatic transmission have been replaced. Allen Bachelder, New Castle, Virginia, USA.



KA A 13 19185
Inported in 1966  RH drive All original and will be kept that way except for needed bodywork and paint.


KA A 41 31966
This ZB belongs to Ted and Susan Hight, Orchard Lake, Mitchigan. Adding it to his collection of MG's


KA_ _ 19255


KA T 43 19486
I've attached photos of the Magnette, as it sat behind Don Peery's shop, the day Don and I hauled it to over to my house. As you can see it's not in the best of shape but hopefully I can find enough body panels and advise here and there to make it right again.
Hiram Kelly from Oklahoma, USA


KA A 43 19640
One of three Magnettes on a junk yard in New Jersey, USA, found by Pete Wilson.


KA C 41 32278
Ebay 11/2008: 1958 MG MAGNETTE ONE OWNER CAR – UNIQUE! What is impressive about this car is that it is a 1 owner car, completely original, that has always been garaged and kept on the road. Notice the August of 2008 inspection sticker on the windshield!
This car (Johanna is its nickname by the way) was purchased brand new by Sven, a New England attorney, who took delivery of it in England and drove it all over Europe on his 3 month honeymoon trip. The car was then transported to the States and it was kept on the road by its loving owner ever since until unfortunately Sven passed just a few months ago. Mackay’s Garage obtained the car from the owner’s widow and made some mechanical improvements (new battery, starter solenoid, rebuilt carbs, flushed the gas tank). But other than that, this car is as original as it gets! Original paint, original motor, original interior, etc. The car is road-worthy and will pass inspection! It runs and drives great, and all the lights work properly!
Other than some body issues with the rockers (which can be replaced with brand new parts still made in the UK) and the right rear quarter panel (the fender was hit at one point and repaired back in 1961), this car doesn’t have any major issues. The floors are totally solid, the doors swing and shut perfectly, the bottom of the trunk strong. The motor runs great!


KA B 43 19975
I acquired the car in January 2005 from a gentlemen who rescued it from certain destruction. It has undergone restoration to the body as well as a rebuilt engine and transmission. It appears to have spent its entire life in very dry climate of the southwest US so rust was at a minimum. I plan to continue his efforts to bring the car back to as original condition as possible. The car is used daily and is responding very well to continuous use. 
Ed Geissler, texas, USA


KAC 43 25323

Purchased the car locally from a 20 year owner. Will restore into 'fun driver' condition and enjoy with my family.
Pete Mantell, IL


KA A 41 32557
Owned by Curt Hoffmann, Ohio, USA


KA A 41 11373